Crafters & Organisations

Here is a list of the 2016 Midsummer vendors with a short description of companies, products and organisations by country.


EuroDesigns 604 434-4571–

Danish Lutheran

Sisters Silver and Fox Creek Designs on Facebook

Mary’s Crochet Creations – Crocheted items, slippers, pot scrubbers, tea towel holders –


Danish Federation of National Museums

KLA Originals  – one of a kind sweater jackets

Time Share Exit Team – consumer goods protection firm


Rosh’s Chutneys

Marie Julien – Shower scrubs, milk bath, bath salts, candles and cards –



Maria Palotas – Maripottery

Aaslaug Boulier/Kari

TLC Cozy Bags – hot/cold therapeutic pads & aprons 604-377-1232

Elise Lew Designs

Norwex – microfiber cleaning and personal care products, non-toxic cleaning products –

Cedarshade Soaps – Handmade artisan soaps and body care Lu Smith 604 813-5674

Varden Lodge –Susan Strang –

Valhalla Roofing – Nordic family business installing roofing products and roof repairs –

Stokholm Insurance Services Ltd – 506 – 6th Ave, New West. 604-525-6633

Sigrid Alsaker Arbonne

North Shore Dragonbusters

Joan Birchall – Unique Creations



Sieglinde Lohr  –

Frank Pospisil – Old-fashioned Wooden Toys 604-294-3990

Creative Leather Crafts – Handmade Leather Products 604-276-1743

Dr. Stone’s Exceptionally Pure Soap

Richard Hanson – Runes & Rune Readings

Swedish Canadian Village


Scandinavian Business Club of BC

Skinnydipper Services –



Tom and Arlene White – Repurposed Cutlery from Dinner Table to Dressing Table



Emilia Banciu – Silk Apparel

Fiddle Earth Designs –

Cushions Work – Call Anthea 604-988-6565 – Decorator cushions for house and garden

Linda Designs

My Father’s Garden – Preserves –

Survivormate – Emergency preparedness kits and supplies for auto, hiking, daycares, schools and business –



PRESERVED by Janet Patricia – Jams, Marmalades, Jellies & Curds 778-245-1952

Anne Lehtonen – Vintage Scandinavian glass, ceramics – Scandinavian style hand crafted textiles, woven rag rugs 604-980-2539

Art Cards by Valerie – 604-468-0762

Canadian Friends of Finland

Vancouver Finlandia Club –

Finnish Canadian Rest Home Association

Emmaus Lutheran

Kosti Uusikartano– Birch bark items

Kotikirkko – 19TwentyChurch

Chicloupe Designer

Finnish Heritage Club – Eero Taivainen 604-773-2483

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