Hobby Horse Race

Scandinavian Midsummer Festival 2024

 on Saturday June 22 & Sunday June 23

Hobby Horse Race


The Scandinavian Midsummer Festival third annual Hobby Horse Ride & Race Saturday June 22, 2024!

Hobby Horses – also known as stick horses – are pretend horses usually made with a fabric or wood horse head attached to a stick. Riders hold the stick between their legs and pretend to ride the horse. Competitions held in Finland feature traditional show jumping obstacles or dressage riding, and we will use a similar concept (at a smaller, less competitive level!).

Saturday, June 22, 2024

On the Festival Lawn


Part 1 – Ride: Test your horse-riding skills in the show ring and weave and jump your way through a short obstacle course. Riders can go individually or with a friend.

Part 2 – Race: Participants will be matched up to riders similar in age and/or skill and set off to race around the course! Penalties may be added for hitting obstacles, so fastest may not the best 😉



Saddle up for the Hobby Horse Race!

A course with jumping obstacles will be set up on the festival lawn – participants will complete the course as fast as they can for the chance to win a prize.

Practice time will be available before the race begins & each contestant will have a chance to make a timed run of the course.  Fastest wins!  all ages are welcome, but prizes are for contestants 12 & under.

There is no entry fee for the contest, but there may be a horse rental fee. Riders are welcome (encouraged!) to bring their own horses!

Bring Your Own Hobby Horse (stick pony) if you have one.  A few will be available to borrow at the festival (there may be a small rental fee)

Visit the Vancouver Finlandia Club table in the Finland Tent for more info!


Still not sure what a hobby horse is? Check out these YouTube clips:



(Please note – these are for inspiration only and are not representative of the course at the Scandinavian Midsummer Festival!)




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