Midsummer Raffle ticket Draw:

Sunday, June 23/2019 4 pm onstage at the Midsummer Festival.


1st Prize:  $3,000 Cash. Winner # 7101 Anita Hassan

2nd Prize $500 Cash. Donated by Danish House Society. Winner # 9516 Dagny Kavelaars

3rd Prize $500 Cash.  Donated by Finland House Society. Winner # 8839 Anneli + Ken French

4th Prize $500 Cash. Donated by Iceland House Society. Winner # #1160 Lena Elrick

5th Prize $500 Cash. Donated by Norwegian House Society. Winner # #5097 Alexandra Mah

6th Prize $500 Cash. Donated by Sweden House Society. Winner # 4269 Mia Halonen

Thank you all for supporting Nordic Cultural activities!

All Winners have been notified

BC Licence #114032

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