Wife Carrying Contest

Sunday, June 25th, 2023

Be the fastest team to complete the course and win the Wife’s* weight in beer!

In the olden days, in small town Finland, there was no social networking or internet dating – if a man wanted a woman from a neighbouring village he had to go and take her! This show of worthiness and determination – together with rumours and hearsay – evolved into the Wife Carrying Contest, where a “husband” carries a “wife” through an obstacle course for a prize.

*Note that husband and wife are labels used in this contest to identify the role that each team member plays. “Husband” does the carrying and “Wife” is the one being carried – regardless of actual marital status or gender. Please see the rules for more details.

Please contact Karina Linder at klramsay@nullhotmail.com or 604-728-6572 with any further questions or comments.